Keyara Botanicals MAN BEARD Oil


  • Keyara Botanicals 100% Natural man Beard oil is packed with star ingredients like Marula oil, Tea tree, and Peppermint. It is fragranced with Oud Wood and Vanilla to give you an unforgettable experience with the product.
  • The Keyara man Beard oil prides itself in moisturizing the skin underneath those beards, it softens and conditions the beards, encourages growth, reduces itchiness and flaking skin underneath your beards and makes the hair really easier to style.
  • With Our 100% natural beard oil, we not only promise moisture and hair manageability but also a pleasant smell. The Oud wood, peppermint and vanilla fragrance leaves your beard smelling fresh and manly.

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  • Softens coarse hair
  • Encourages beard growth
  • Makes it easy to manage and style the beard
  • Soothing and calming to stubborn bumps
  • Fresh and pleasant smell


Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, Marula oil, Oud wood and vanilla fragrance

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